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  • Holiday homes & flats for your next trip to Germany!

    Holiday homes & flats for your next trip to Germany!

    Looking for a holiday accommodation in Germany? Welcome, you found the right place to look at the English pages of the independent Swedish tourist agency TripTo AB from Stockholm. Book your Germany holiday easily and comfortably at the landlord of your choice.

Private holiday homes & holiday in Germany

Are you looking for a holiday house or apartment in Germany? - Welcome!

Are you looking for a holiday house or apartment in Germany? - Welcome!

Book easy, convenient and secure your holiday in Germany at the landlord of your choice and choose from the most popular private holiday homes and apartments in Germany "Your Dream House"

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Vacation at Lake Constance

Lake Constance (German: Bodensee) is located in the northern foothills of the Alps and and consists of the two lakes Obersee („upper lake“) and Untersee („lower lake“) as well as of the Seerhein, a part of the river Rhine of circa four kilometers connectin Obersee and Untersee. By size one of the biggest lakes in Europe, it borders Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Lake Constance is mostly well known for its great offers in water sports such as sailing and water ski, as for example at the mouth of the river Argen. Also well-known for its beautiful landscapes coined by agriculture, certainly wine, hop and fruit trees, The area around Lake Constance offers great opportunities to discover south Germany from a most beautiful side. Cozy old towns such as Pfullendorf, but also baroque monasteries and many castles just wait for your visit.

Worth a visit is also Friedrichshafen, the city of the zeppelins. It is well known for its cultural atmosphere created by theaters, concerts, ballets and cabaret on a high level.

From its port you can enjoy a stunning view onto Lake Constance as well as the Alps. Why not discover some of the eleven islands in Lake Constance such as Reichenau with its monastery, Mainau with ist amazing castle and the gardens, or Lindau with ist beautiful old town.

Holiday homes and apartments in the Lüneburg Heath

The Lüneburg Heath (German: Lüneburger Heide) is one of the last vast heath landscapes in northern Germany. Even though heaths were a dominant type of landscape in northern Germany, most of them have disappeared because of a growing population and an intensive peat exploitation. This unique landscape with its many bogs and the unique animal and floral wildlife make the Lüneburg Heath to one of the most popular nature destinations in Germany.
The nature park Lüneburg Heath in the north west as well as the protected area in the center of it offer beautiful landscapes
like bogs, heaths and forests, which you can discover by foot, by bicycle or even by horse.

Holiday in the Rhineland - the land of wine and castles

Rhineland-Palatinate (German: Rheinland-Pfalz) is a federal state in southwest Germany. The state capital is Mainz. The federal state between the landscapes Eifel in the north and Palatinate (German: Pfalz) in the south is well-known its vineyards at the valleys and hillsides the rivers Moselle (German: Mosel), Rhine (German: Rhein), Nahe and Ahr as well as for marvelous hiking tracks such as the Rheinsteig, which lead through the breath-taking landscape of this region.

The incredibly high amount of castles, medieval fortresses, as well as city trips to Germany’s oldest city Trier, Mainz or Koblenz, the low mountain ranges of the Eifel, Westerwald and Hunsrück covered by forests, the romantic river valleys of Moselle and Rhine, active recreation or just relaxation, in Rhineland-Palatine all this can be seen and done.
Mainz is the state capital and as well with 200 000 inhabitants the biggest city of the federal state. The impressive old town with carefully refurbished timber frame buildings as well as cozy town squares you will not only find the beautiful cathedral of Mainz, but also the Gutenberg museum, which is one of the world’s oldest museums for print work and writing.

Capital Holiday in Berlin - accommodations in the city of a thousand faces

Not so long ago, Berlin was described the following way by one of its inhabitants: „not wealthy, but sexy“.

Today, the German capital is a melting pot of different cultures and religions, which give it its unique charm and liveliness. A widespread offer of gastronomy and culture, a lot of historic or spectular sights or the sheer never ending nightlife – there is nothing that Berlin can’t offer.

Berlin is well known for its many museums. One of them, the Jewish museum built by Daniel Libeskind, is especially worth a visit, not only because of its modern architecture but also because of its modern interactive exhibitions.

Berlin Central Station (German: Berlin Hauptbahnhof), the biggest tower station in Europe, is not only the city’s most important train center, but also an interesting sight itself because of its marvellous architecture dominated by a light galss dome.

But that is not the only glass dome Berlin is known for. More known is the dome of the German Government Building (German: Reichstag), where the German government, the Bundestag, is seated since 1990. Already 18 million people have visited the Reichstag to follow hot debates from the glass dome. This makes the Reichstag one of the most visited sights in Berlin.
But of course does Berlin not only consist of history, politics and culture. The Kurfürstendamm, the main shopping street of Berlin, is a shopping paradise of 3,5 kilometers length. In 2011, it had its 125th anniversary. Malls, fashion stores, coffee shops as well as restaurants provide the perfect basis for a vast shopping trip.

Holiday homes and apartments in the Spreewald

The Spreewald is a vast historic culture landscape in the southe east oft he German federal state of Brandenburg, about 100 km south east of Berlin.

The UNESCO biosphere reserve has a unique lagoonlike river landscape. The river Spree here branches out into a network of streams, channels and backwaters of about 970 km length, which meander through a stunning landscape of forests, villages and fields.

The main vehicle on the water even today still ist he barge, even though moving on the water is possible by rowing boats, canoes and kayaks. Short trips, day trips and themed trips on the barges with an experienced ferryman are available from many spots in the Spreewald such as Lübbenau, where you can find the biggest port of the region. A visit of the Spreewaldmuseum in Lübbenau or the open-air museum Lehde are highly recommended.

Every year in the first weekend of July the Spreewald and shooting fair (German: Spreewald- und Schützenfest) takes place in Lübbenau. We also recommend you to visit Burg, famous for its healing springs.

Holiday homes in the Black Forest wanted?

The Black Forest – home of the famous cuckoo-clock – is a vast holiday region, to most extent covered by the highest Mittelgebirge mountain range with the same name. Most parts of that region are allocated as nature reservations and form a unique blend of nature, culture, tradition and homeland.

Breathtaking escarpments and panorama mountains, deep valleys and natural finish forests in the northern Black Forest as well as typical pristine Black Forest manors, flowering meadows and fertile vineyards in the southern Black Forest: You will find a lot of different places to just forget the noise and stress of the big city and to feel the magic of the local nature.

Cities worth a visit in this area are Freudenstadt with the biggest market place in Germany as well as Freiburg, Germany’s most southern big city, with its beautiful old town, the 116 meter high church, or Baden-Baden with ist well known casino, the festivals and the many different beautiful churches.

Vast hiking and mountain bike tracks in different difficulty levels offer the perfect opportunity to discover the whole region. When there is snow, the whole black forest turns into a paradise for winter sports as well as into the perfect scenery for romantic walks in this fairy tale like area. Windsurfing and diving is possible at the lakes Titisee and Schluchsee.

Bavaria - Germany's most popular holiday destination

With more than 25 million visitors a year, Bavaria (German: Bayern) is Germany’s most popular travelling destination.

Bavaria offers a very varied range of holidays, from short trip to longer stay, either active holiday or recreation. Beautiful landscapes, best conditions for sports and recreation, a rich offer in culture and art as well as the well know Bavarian hospitability – that is was describes Bavaria.

Enjoy the amazing landscape or visit the many cultural sights while you are hiking or having a bike tour. Breathe in the fresh air of the Alps and find pure wellness and recreation in the state’s nature.

The unforgettable nature panorama of the Bavarian Alps is the favourite holiday destination for mountain climbers, hikers, and of course for winter sport fans. But also true sailing and windsurfing paradises can be found on the many beautiful lakes of the state Bavaria.

Mecklenburg Lake District - Holiday homes and apartments in the "Land of a Thousand Lakes"

The Mecklenburg Lake District (German: Mecklenburgische Seenplatte) – also known as «Land of the thousand lakes» - ist he biggest coherent lake landscape of Central Europe. 

Centrally located between Berlin and the beautiful Rostock, the Mecklenburg Lake District ranges over the south of the German federal state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and even into the northern parts of the federal state Brandenburg. The region can be divided into several different lake districts with their own attraction each.

The Neustrelitz Little Lakes Region‘s (German: Neustrelitzer Kleinseengebiet) landscaped is characterized by long, narrow lakes. Main cities are Neustrelitz, Mirow and Fürstenberg/Havel. South of it, you will find the Rheinsberg lake district, which to most part belongs to the nature park Stechlin-Ruppiner Land, as well as the Feldberg lake district in Feldberg county located between the Mecklenburg Lake District and the Uckermark Lakes. The Uckermark is located circa 50 km north of Berlin and the home area of the present German chancellor Angela Merkel.

The Mecklenburg Lake District’s biggest lake is the Müritz. Müritz National Park is well known for its countless lake and forest areas with a rich flora and fauna, as well as a vast offer in leisure time and recreation activities.

Choose from these regions your dream holiday home for your next holiday in Germany!

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